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Insurance :

With our industry experience and purchasing volume, we have the leverage to offer full coverage at economical rates. Because our team is in the position to calculate your total costs, even terminal and delivery fees, we can insure for the full cost of imported goods, including U.S. duty and an allowance for your profit. Foreign sellers cannot offer the same advantage, and foreign-purchased insurance is generally more expensive and often marked up by the seller.

As part of our comprehensive approach to service, we can handle all insurance related documentation, payment of premiums, reporting and assist you in claims settlement processing. Our involvement eliminates the need for shipment-by-shipment declarations, and we can also place contingency insurance at reduced cost to assure that the coverage obtained by the seller is adequate. Whatever your requirements are, insuring through Clear Freight is definitely to your benefit.

Cargo Insurance Services :
  1. Cargo Insurance Specialist.
  2. Full Liability Coverage.
  3. Economical Rates.
  4. Door-to-Door Insurance.
  5. Local, Responsive Representation.
  6. All Documentation and Reporting.
  7. Payment of Premiums.
  8. Assistance with Claims Processing.
The insurance of goods, which are particularly liable to fraud or theft, can be a very expensive business. Because of our knowledge of and experience in the transport of high value and bonded goods, we can minimize these risks in practice, and make them acceptable to insurance companies.
By virtue of our excellent security measures and proven reputation, we are able to arrange transport and goods insurance at acceptable costs, with leading insurance companies. We cannot prevent calamities however. In the rare event of a calamity occurring, we take care of the complete handling of the claim for our client. 
We can arrange for marine cargo insurance
to cover your goods from warehouse to warehouse against all loss and risk by maritime perils with a reputable and established public listed insurance company through an open policy at attractive rates covering all aspects of comprehensive cargo insurance.

All our services are door to door
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